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Feb 20@11:00–Feb 24@0:00 Monaco di Baviera
World of Swing proudly presents the next edition of the international Rock That Swing Festival in Munich. For more than a decade the festival celebrates the diversity of the dances and music of the Swing[...]
Giu 5@9:00–Giu 7@0:00 Trieste
Trieste awaits you for the 4th edition of its international swing festival that embraces the city and its sea! Get ready to get on board! TEACHERS: Mia Goldsmith & Mickey Fortanasce – balboa Egle Regelskis[...]
Lug 10@18:00–Lug 13@2:00 Merano
💙🐙🎶 ✨Swing Splash – Merano Balboa & Shag Weekend 💙🐙🎶 ☀ Balboa – Collegiate Shag – St Louis Shag 10 – 12 July 2020 Merano – Scena (Italy) Here is our Line up for Swing[...]
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