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Lug 26@18:00–Lug 28@21:00 Foligno
✨Ladies & Gentlemen….The Swing Era is back in town!✨ 👉Un viaggio negli anni ’30, ’40, ’50, attraverso l’atmosfera di cui si tingerà il centro storico di Foligno con musica, ballo e mercatini vintage. Tutta la[...]
Set 20@17:00–Set 22@0:00 Roma
Ladies and Gentlemen, Spirit of St. Louis Rome is proud to present the fourth edition of “Swìngala”, a Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz Festival that will light up Roman nights 🎈 Swìngala will take place[...]
Nov 20@14:00–Nov 24@23:59 Kolejowe Towarzystwo Kultury
In 2019 we are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Every year our event has evolved and we’ve kept changing it to make it better and one thing that has been on our mind is[...]
Apr 9@19:00–Apr 13@23:55 Parigi
A unique workshop and party focus on jazz roots, the solo vintage dance, in Paris 15th anniversary Info soon : https://www.jazzroots.fr/

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